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Professional Hearing Aid Dispensing for a lifetime of better hearing...Professional Hearing Aid Dispensing for a lifetime of better hearing...

About Gary Parker Hearing

Gary Parker Hearing Care Ltd is owned and managed by Gary Parker.

Gary joined the Health Service in 1975 to train as a Physiological Measurements Technician specialising in Audiology.

Apart from the diagnostic hearing assessments and fitting of hearing aids Gary specialised in advanced diagnostic testing, Tinnitus and in particular paediatric audiology where he became involved with the fitting of some of the most sophisticated hearing aids available.

In the early 1980's he became one of the first Audiologists in the country to use the then very new Real Ear Measurements equipment to assess the accuracy of hearing aid fittings. This technique has gradually become more common but 20 to 25 years ago it was real cutting edge stuff!

Gary's work with deaf children also led to some of the first fittings of children with digitally programmable hearing aids. Remarkably this was as far back as the mid 1980's!

Due to unacceptable waiting times and not being adverse to rolling up his sleeves, Gary started manufacturing custom made ear moulds for children within his hospital department. This enabled new ear moulds to be fitted in a number of hours as opposed to the usual six weeks that was quite common in the NHS at that time.

In January 1988 Gary left the NHS and began working for a local independent Hearing aid dispenser, Roger Evans, and set up and ran the Plymouth Hearing Centre on his behalf. In March 1993 Roger decided to sell his practice and Gary found himself 'sold' along with the office to a national company, a fact that Gary always reminds Roger of at every meeting! Having had a brief taste of some very dubious working practices which can sometimes go on behind the scenes of such companies, Gary,some-what disillusioned, left in November 1993 and started his own independent Hearing Aid Dispensing practice. This allowed Gary to set the highest standards of ethical and professional Hearing Aid Dispensing.

The practice has been very successful and Gary moved home to Mannamead, an area of Plymouth where he could offer more convenient access and easy parking.The practice has an office with waiting area a consulting room and a dedicated workshop.

A number of days per year are spent away keeping abreast of new developments, attending educational seminars and new technology training, and, after well over thirty years of helping patients with hearing loss, it can be honestly said that being an Audiologist has never been so exciting.

Gary makes a noise of a very different kind with his passion for motorsport by competing successfully in rallies with his self built rally car which he had been using for over 23 years. Unfortunately in January 2016 the car met a sad end at the bottom of a rather deep ditch but has since been rebuilt, so here's to another 23 years!

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