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Professional Hearing Aid Dispensing for a lifetime of better hearing...Professional Hearing Aid Dispensing for a lifetime of better hearing...

Hearing Aids

Styles Name    
OTE - On the Ear | RIC - Receiver in the CanalOTE / RIC OTE
(On the Ear) or
(Receiver in the Canal)

The latest development in digital technology.  A discreet mini BTE, for clients with high frequency hearing loss who miss clarity of speech in group conversations. Available in various colours.

Behind the earBTE BTE
(Behind the Ear)

Traditional style hearing instruments is fitted with a custom made ear mould.

ITE Full ShellITE Full Shell ITE Full Shell
(In the Ear)

The largest of the, in the ear hearing instruments.  Offering more power and ideal for clients with dexterity issues as an alternative to a BTE.

ITE Half ShellITE Half Shell ITE Half Shell
(In the Ear)

The half shell or in the canal hearing instrument is ideal for those wanting something midway between the Full Shell and CIC

CIC - Completely in the CanalCIC CIC
(Completely in the Canal)

Completely in canal is one of the smallest and most discrete hearing instruments available. 
Subject to shape and size of an individual’s ear canal.


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